The Crown Season 3 Trailer Offers First Look At Olivia Colman’s Queen


There hasn’t been a new season of The Crown on Netflix since 2017, but that’s finally about to change this November when season 3 lands. And change is the key word here, as the cast will be completely different when the award-winning royal drama returns. Most notably, Olivia Colman is replacing Claire Foy as the story of the life of Queen Elizabeth moves into her middle years.

Promo images have so far shown us how she’ll look in the part, and this new teaser trailer finally reveals our first glimpse at the actress in action. The 30-second teaser features Elizabeth II being presented with her new profile to be used on postage stamps. “Everyone is delighted with the new profile, ma’am,” says one of her staff. “Which they feel to be an elegant reflection of Her Majesty’s transition from young woman to…” The Queen then humorously interjects with: “Old bat?”

Neatly summing up what season 3 is all about, Colman’s monarch also touches on the “great many changes” that are occurring. “Nothing one can do about it,” the Queen says. “One just has to get on with it.”

Though not seen in this brief tease, Colman will be joined by a host of other new faces in the upcoming run. Tobias Menzies is replacing Matt Smith as Prince Phillip, Helena Bonham Carter is taking over from Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret and Ben Daniels is Lord Snowden, filling in for Matthew Goode.

From what we know so far, season 3 will cover the Queen’s reign over Britain in the swinging 1960s and the more turbulent 1970s. Plans are already afoot for season 4 as well, which would move into the 1980s, with Gillian Anderson locked in to star as Margaret Thatcher.

Expect a royal visit from Colman when The Crown returns on November 17th.