The CW Removes Ruby Rose From Batwoman Promo Photos


Ruby Rose quitting Batwoman after just one season was a shock to fans, though word is there’d been discontent on set for quite some time. Anonymous sources working on the show have claimed that Rose frequently clashed with the crew over long working hours, didn’t like the Vancouver shooting location and realized too late that committing to a network TV show would mean she’d be unable to pursue a movie career.

As such, her departure has been described as “not 100-percent her decision” and that it was more a break-up. Rose herself released a statement via Instagram saying she’s staying silent about why because “that’s my choice for now.” Reading between the lines though, it’s certainly sounding like there might have been a big falling out with The CW, who may well be glad to see the back of her. All of which makes it telling that the network has started to scrub Rose from promo images for the show.

On May 14th, they released a chart of series coming in January 2021. That version revealed that Batwoman would be showing on Sunday evenings at 8pm. They’ve since updated it to remove Rose’s image though and replaced it with a shot of the bat-signal. You can check out the two different versions in the gallery below.

The CW are currently in the middle of a rapid search for a replacement and they’ve substantially narrowed their casting options by mandating an LGBTQ actor replace Rose in the role. As of yet, however, no names have emerged as frontrunners.

Batwoman is set to return in January 2021, meaning that production will have to begin as soon as the COVID-19 lockdowns have been lifted and it’s safe to return to work. This means that auditions are probably underway as we speak, with prospective Batwomen doing their best menacing voices over Zoom or Skype to The CW’s casting directors. Here’s hoping whoever steps into the cape and cowl for season 2 can match or surpass Rose’s performance.