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Daemon Targaryen keeps sneaking back into King’s Landing, and fans love it

Is he stowing away in a box entering the Red Keep or what?

Daemon Targaryen keeps sneaking into Kings Landing
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Content: this article discusses spoilers for House of the Dragon

We’re only five episodes deep into House of the Dragon, and the number of times Daemon Targaryen has been banished from King’s Landing only to saunter back through the gates and stroll on into the Great Hall has become a bit of a recurring gag in the best of ways. Unsurprisingly, the latest episode was no different.

Reddit congregated to celebrate Daemon’s trolling and share their favorite moments involving the mischievous little scamp. If you’re yet to see episode five of House of the Dragon, there are some spoilers deeper in this article, so consider yourself warned.

Daemon has been kicked out of King’s Landing twice now, firstly after disparaging King Viserys’ recently deceased Queen and son (yikes!), at which point he was told to return to the Vale and be with his wife. Of course, silly Daemon went to Dragonstone instead to cause some more mischief and wage a cheeky little war.

Following the years-long campaign in the Stepstones and the defeat of the Crab King, Daemon struts himself into the Great Hall as the newly appointed King of the Narrow Sea with an ear-to-ear grin on his face and a crown on his head while looking at King Viserys dead in the eye.

Of course, Daemon was only having a laugh and gave Viserys his crown in a gesture reaffirming his allegiance to the King. Classic Daemon.

But then, of course, Daemon canoodles with Rhaenyra and sets up a narrative to make it look like some real-deal ‘coupling’ went down, and of course, King Viserys wasn’t having any of that. So he gave Daemon the boot once more after presuming that uncle Daemon took his daughter’s maidenhood, and rejected Daemon’s proposal of marrying Rhaenyra off to him. This time Daemon did return to the Vale like he was asked, but…

Then Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding rolls around, and Daemon will be damned if he isn’t there for his niece’s special day. So he pulls out the Jedi mind tricks once again on the Red Keep’s guards and casually struts back into the Great Hall during the first night of celebrations and plonks himself down at the head table.

I think we’d all benefit from a little bit of That’s So Daemon, but one commenter decided to sober up the party with a little bit of a sad truth because surely we’re rooting for the sickly old King as well. 

Whether you love him, hate him, or love to hate him, we’ll surely be seeing what other hijinks Daemon Targaryen will be getting up to when episode 6 of House of the Dragon hits our screens this Sunday. Only then will we find out if the time skip helps our favorite Targaryen rascal mature a little, but it’s doubtful. 

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