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Watch: ‘House of the Dragon’ episode six preview ushers in a new cast

The cast changes everyone has been anticipating are finally here.

Warning: this article discusses spoilers for House of the Dragon

The time skip is here! House of the Dragon viewers finally have a look at new actors for many of the show’s main characters as the politics pick up in episode six and things look to be — quite literally — heating up.

Before we dive into the new trailer, here is your final spoiler warning. This article will include some information from episode five so be sure to have watched that before you continue reading or do so at your own discretion.

After the tragic end to episode five which saw Rhaenyra Targaryen marry Laenor Valeryon, we skip much further into the future as the heir to the throne is now an adult and seemingly a key player in the realm’s decisions.

The key cast changes include Emma D’Arcy taking over from Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra and Olivia Cooke appearing as Alicent Hightower in place of Emily Carey.

While many of the characters look to have grown into their own during the time, the King is looking worse than ever before and while he is still alive, sickness seems to be taking over.

In the trailer footage we see many children including Aegon Targaryen, the King’s first son with queen Alicent, but also another child that is being greeted by a young dragon, however, we have yet to meet this character.

Something that will have fans the most hyped from this preview is the dragon riding action we see and just generally the focus on dragons which has been lacking in recent episodes. As tensions rise in Westeros it seems we’re headed towards more dragon action in the coming weeks.

If you aren’t up to date you can check out all of the House of the Dragon episodes so far streaming on HBO Max, and new episodes will continue to arrive each Sunday for the next five weeks.

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