Daemon’s defenders are ditching the bandwagon after explosive ‘House of the Dragon’ finale

Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon
Image via HBO

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the House of the Dragon season one finale

The season of high fantasy is over, with the 10th and final episode of House of the Dragon having just aired. So much happened within the finale, with one relationship that was already extraordinarily inappropriate in the first place getting even more so in a rather violent and questionable way.

The final chapter, “The Black Queen”, saw the news of Visery’s death reach Rhaenyra and Daemon. As she buries her stillborn child, Erryk Cargyll arrives bearing the old king’s crown, with Daemon placing it upon her head and crowning her Queen. Otto Hightower comes forward to negotiate terms; if Rhaenyra swears fealty to Aegon, she will keep the throne of Dragonstone and pass it to her sons, who will be royally acknowledged as trueborn.

Daemon is of course having none of it, his sons with Rhaenyra would become Aegon’s squires, and is about to off Otto before his wife begs caution. The resulting argument between the two leads to the transgression that has everyone on Twitter abuzz, where Daemon chokes Rhaenyra as they argue about Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy.

Many were shocked by what transpired on their screens, but this is a man who (may have) murdered his first wife, so is it really that shocking? Just as many were praising the show for its toning down of the violence towards women, this goes and happens, and fans are really not okay with it.

Many felt like it was a truly huge departure from the character so far, who would kill for his wife.

It felt like one of the only redeeming features the man had had throughout the entire series was ripped away for no reason.

Many felt angry enough to get between Daemon and Rhaenyra to protect her.

Fans are coming for him after that despicable show of abusive behavior.

This is a running theme in the television adaptions of George R.R. Martin’s books.

Though many pointed out that this is not from the books, and that Daemon wouldn’t have done that to his own family – literally the only people he seems to have any care for.

That, and the fact that as soon as he’s done choking her they go back to being a couple again, as if nothing happened.

Some tried to justify his actions, but others were not having it, reminding us that no matter how angry you get, you should never hurt your partner.

The handling of exactly these issues seemed to constantly land Game of Thrones in hot water, so why they thought they could do it here too seems a little inexplicable. Perhaps they’ll address it in season two rather than just let it go, but for now, it’s left unresolved.