Kyle MacLachlan’s Dale Cooper Returns In New Twin Peaks Teaser


Showtime has been very secretive with their third season of Twin Peaks thus far, but they’re finally starting to peel back the lid. The 18-episode outing, which is set to premiere on May 21 at 9 PM, will be welcomed with a sure to be explosive two-hour premiere. With the show quickly approaching, the marketing team is moving at full speed and today, they’ve dropped a new trailer which sees the return of Kyle MacLachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper.

The newest season of Twin Peaks picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of the quaint, titular town are stunned by the shocking murder of their homecoming queen Laura Palmer. MacLachlan is, of course, just one of several returning cast members who will be seen during the third season, which is entirely directed by David Lynch, who also has a role in the show.

Much like the other promotional materials thus far, this newest look at Twin Peaks isn’t necessarily too revealing, but it is atmospheric and haunting, and that’s enough to please fans for the time being. Sure enough, this newest season is going to provoke a reaction, and we hope it’s a good one. The last thing we need right about now is yet another underwhelming television return, right? Thankfully, Lynch promises to bring something unique and distinctive to the show’s revival, as he always does.

Tell us, are you looking forward to seeing the new season of Twin Peaks, or do you have your doubts? Sound off down below with your thoughts and stay tuned for more, as the promotional campaign is only just getting started.

Source: Deadline