‘Daredevil’ fans still passionate on the third anniversary of its cancellation

The cancellation of Daredevil hit fans particularly hard. We knew Iron Fist wasn’t going anywhere, and while the loss of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones was painful, those shows were somewhat variable in quality. But Daredevil? It was a critical darling, had just released a red-hot third season and the cast and crew appeared positive about their future plans. But, inevitably given Marvel’s ambitions for original content on Disney Plus, the axe fell three years ago.

But Daredevil fans haven’t given up hope, and right now there are finally genuine signs that these characters may be returning to the MCU. Here’s how this sad anniversary has been marked on social media:

There are indications these fans may soon get their wish. Hawkeye is currently airing on Disney Plus, with tomorrow’s episode introducing Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez/Echo to the MCU. In the comics she’s the adoptive daughter of Kingpin and the show’s focus on the New York City underworld has led many to conclude that we’ll see Vincent D’Onofrio back in the MCU before Christmas.

Leaked images from Spider-Man: No Way Home may also hint that Peter Parker has retained the legal services of Matt Murdock after his identity became public. We don’t know the provenance of the pictures (now mostly scrubbed from the internet), though they don’t seem to be faked, and it’d make sense for Murdock to appear here.

Is all this leading to the triumphant resurrection of Daredevil on Disney Plus? The jury’s still out on that, though after three years Marvel Studios now have the right to use the characters again, and judging by this passionate reaction to the anniversary, the fire still burns brightly for The Man Without Fear.