Daredevil Producer Confirms Season 3’s Set Before Avengers: Infinity War


The one-year gap between the releases of Infinity War and Avengers 4 leaves the rest of the Marvel universe in an awkward position. In the first of these two Russo Brothers-helmed flicks, Thanos purges half of all life from the universe, and with this situation unlikely to get resolved until the sequel, projects like Daredevil have no choice but to either reckon with the consequences of these cataclysmic events or relegate their stories to the period before the mass genocide.

Much like the recent Ant-Man and the Wasp, the third season of Matt Murdock’s show went the prequel route. At New York Comic Con, Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb revealed as much while speaking about the series to CNET:

“This is a story that would take place before the snap.”

This shouldn’t come as any real surprise to hear. Setting the season in the aftermath of the Mad Titan’s deadly finger-snap would bring some major complications to the drama that would no doubt interfere heavily with the intended plots. As Loeb goes on to put it:

“It just is easier for us to be able to maintain our continuity.”

It’s an unfortunate truth that the Marvel TV shows are consistently at the mercy of the events of the movies. Though the stories from Daredevil have virtually no effect on what we see in the films, the same doesn’t apply in the other direction. So, if Infinity War wants to completely alter the course of human history, Loeb and his team better find some way of working around the development.

Meanwhile, the Netflix shows seem to have experienced their own ‘snap,’ with half the Defenders’ vehicles getting cancelled in just these last couple of weeks. It’s unclear what, if anything, the future holds for Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but for what it’s worth, at least the new season of Daredevil is being warmly received.

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