Daredevil Reboot Rumored To Be Coming To FX


Ever since Netflix wiped the slate clean of their Marvel TV shows earlier this year, viewers have been pleading for some other network to renew the Defenders series – Daredevil, in particular. Now, a new rumor has surfaced which might please fans of the Man Without Fear in general but not those loyal to the Charlie Cox version, as it’s said that a reboot is on the way at FX.

To begin with, Cosmic Book News had previously reported that they’ve heard that reboots for all the Netflix properties are coming soon, this time with explicit connections to the MCU. And just the other day, scoopster TVO of the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel followed up on that by telling us over on Twitter that Daredevil and co. will be redeveloped by FX in a way that makes it all connected.

“Going forward all platforms will crossover. Nothing separate from ABC, Hulu and Disney+. I have new information that Ne[t]flix street heroes will be on FX channel in the U.S. Its all truly connected now.”

Previously, there’s been a clear divide between the output of Marvel Studios and Marvel Television, but it’s thought that Kevin Feige and TV chief Jeph Loeb have been working together of late to fit everything more closely into the MCU. Presumably that applies to Hulu’s upcoming Ghost Rider and Helstrom shows as well, but it seems the biggest outcome of this is that the Defenders will be getting the reboot treatment.

CBN’s original report claimed that it’s unlikely that Cox, Ritter and the rest will be coming back for these new shows, though the only name they could confirm as definitely not returning was Iron Fist‘s Finn Jones. Further backing up this news, meanwhile, is that Marvel recently sold off a load of key costumes from the Netflix series.

While we certainly all want the different corners of the MCU to tie together, will fans take kindly to new interpretations of Daredevil, Luke Cage, etc., so soon after the popular Netflix versions? Time will tell, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see how this all develops.