Matt Murdock Will Square Off Against Bullseye For Daredevil Season 3


UPDATE: That Hashtag Show has now confirmed this and reports that Wilson Bethel will be playing the role.

It’s always the way: you wait months for something – anything – relating to your favorite TV series and suddenly, two updates arrive within the space of 24 hours.

Such is the case with Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil. It’s not without its faults, of course, but after The Defenders missed the mark and season 2 of Jessica Jones failed to capture the spirit of its predecessor, we’re quietly confident that Daredevil‘s third season will herald a return to form. And a return to the original black costume, it seems…

That’s right, thanks to some newly-unveiled set photos (see below), we now have reason to believe that the Man Without Fear will revert to black-on-black during his next solo adventure – a solo adventure that will place him on a collision course with Bullseye, if the latest Internet rumors are to be believed.

First uncovered by Reddit user ‘defenders_throwaway’, below you’ll find some intriguing, albeit unconfirmed details relating to Daredevil season 3, which is supposedly a slow-burner until we reach the episode solely dedicated to Bullseye’s background – the online tipster even goes so far as to claim that said episode is the best of any Marvel series thus far.

Currently working on the first episodes of DD3. It starts really slow and introduces too many new characters. the plot could go either way, hard to say at this point. But they do a whole episode about Bullseye’s background and I think its cinematically the best episode out of all of Marvel shows so far. Kingpin gets all the files and tapes about Bullseye and he “walks” through bullseyes memories to look at his life. it is fantastic.

When it comes to Bullseye, in particular, the Netflix series seemingly nails its rendition of the psychopathic assassin (sorry, Colin Farrell), which leaves Matt Murdock with little choice but to plunge into the life he left behind.

“DD3 is a bit slow and convoluted. It really picks up the pace in the middle and I think the end of the season might turn out great. Bullseye is legit scary. Nobody wears their costume from the comics. DD is more of the same, but again, anything involving Bullseye is a standout. They really nail the fact that he’s deadly from afar.”

Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil is yet to nail down an official premiere date, though with Luke Cage scheduled for June 22nd, a late 2018 launch isn’t out of the question for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.