Daredevil Season 4 Reportedly In The Works For Disney Plus

charlie cox daredevil

Not all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus shows are being designed with multi-season arcs in mind, so the franchise is going to have to keep mining its vast back catalogue of characters for inspiration on both the big and small screens. One of the prime candidates has been staring them in the face, and Daredevil is heavily rumored to be making a big impact in Phase Four.

Charlie Cox has been repeatedly linked with showing up in both Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk, and you can bet a lot of fans are going to be pissed if it doesn’t happen. If it does, then it’ll surely lead to a solo project down the line, and we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones who told us War Machine was getting his own streaming series long before Armor Wars was announced – that a fourth season of Daredevil is being discussed as a possibility.

Details remain scarce, but if we put our speculating hats on, then there’s a number of ways it could happen, even if we completely ignore the possibility that Cox’s return may be multiversal in nature. Realistically, Marvel Studios could pick up exactly from where the Netflix show ended without even having to reference any of the events that transpired, although we’d hope Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin would be involved at the very least.

The Man Without Fear and Wilson Fisk have both been touted for Hawkeye spinoff Echo, which could present a clear narrative throughline to more Daredevil episodes. Should No Way Home and She-Hulk establish him in the MCU, then Echo could be used to reintroduce Kingpin into the mix, provide a connection to the wider MCU mythology and give him a love interest in Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, and any unresolved plot threads have the potential to form the basis of whatever Season 4’s plot could be. Echo isn’t expected until 2023, though, so this could all be a long way away.