Daredevil’s return has MCU fans pining for another Netflix favorite to make their debut

Image via Netflix

Daredevil hype is at an all-time high.

The popular character debuted on Netflix back in 2015, dazzling audiences with what was technically one of the very first MCU television shows. As its seasons on Netflix wore on, Daredevil lost a little of its shine, but it was still a blow to audiences when it was canceled by the service. This made way for the show to make the shift to Disney Plus, however, finally finding a place among the growing wealth of other MCU programming.

With Daredevil’s official entry into the tight-knit community of MCU characters, his name has been at the forefront of Marvel fans’ minds. His brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home stirred up plenty of headlines, but it was his role in recent episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law that really got fans talking. Matt’s addition in the series has been an absolute delight to watch, and audiences are already prepared for more.

More is certainly still to come, but all this Daredevil love has some fans thinking of another, slept-on character from Netflix’s Marvel days. In a post to the Marvel Studios subreddit, user FilmicGamer took the time to celebrate another hero, and wonder where all the love for Luke Cage went.

They note, at the outset of their post, that the character is criminally underrated in the sub. Considering his presence as the first Black superhero to get a solo project and propping Mike Colter’s incredible performance, they worked to remind fans of everything that made the 2016 series great.

The post goes on to praise the cast of supporting characters, as well as the incredible soundtrack that accompanied Luke Cage. Readers largely agreed with the original poster, though a few made arguments—beyond the obvious—for why Luke Cage remains less popular than several of its fellow Netflix Marvel offerings.

The timing of Luke Cage‘s first season was less than perfect, according to one commenter. They noted that the series had to follow Daredevil season two and Jessica Jones season one, both shows that garner broad praise from audiences. While not everyone agrees that Daredevil maintained quality across its seasons, it’s definitely hard to argue with Jessica Jones‘ popularity. The first season, in particular, blew audiences away, and presented a very hard story to beat.

In comparison, Luke Cage just wasn’t quite as strong. It boasted solid characters, and a memorable villain, but none so memorable as Kilgrave. The story also stumbled somewhat in season two, according to numerous commenters, a fact that left them somewhat dissatisfied with the series.

None of this spells the end of Harlem’s Captain America, at least not if Disney Plus knows what’s good for it. The platform has done a relatively good job of adapting superheroes for the small screen thus far, with shows like She-Hulk and Moon Knight drawing in enthusiastic crowds. If approached with the care this character deserves, Luke Cage could be headed toward an epic revival alongside his peers on Disney Plus.