Darth Maul Disney Plus Series Rumored To Be In Early Development

Darth Maul

It might’ve taken 20 years for the Prequel Trilogy as a whole to be reappraised, but Star Wars fans loved Darth Maul from the start. Though he was killed off in his first appearance, The Phantom Menace, the devil-headed Dathomirian has become one of the most prolific characters in other media, proving to be a major part of the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. Speaking of, it’s possible that the villain could be getting his own show, too.

Geekosity is reporting that Lucasfilm is developing a Darth Maul series for Disney Plus. Fans might assume that this project will follow on from the events of Solo, which saw Maul return to the big screen for the first time since 1999. However, the outlet writes that the upcoming Lando show will actually be the one to pick up from that spinoff film. Unfortunately, Geekosity was unable to ascertain when exactly in the timeline this Maul vehicle will take place.

What’s more, there’s also no word yet on whether Ray Park will return to play him, though it’s noted that this seems highly likely. It’s easy to imagine that Sam Witwer would be invited back to voice the character, too. Finally, the outlet shares that this Maul series has yet to be officially greenlit as it’s still in the early stages of development. It’s an idea that’s been percolating for a while, apparently, but it’s continued to be stuck on the launchpad while other concepts have taken flight ahead of it.

Star Wars is just starting to dip its toes into villain-centric projects. The Book of Boba Fett is coming this December – though The Mandalorian already shifted Fett into more of an antihero role –  but a Darth Maul series would be a whole different ball game, as Palpatine’s former apprentice is wicked through and through. Remember, a Darth Vader show with Hayden Christensen has also been rumored to be in the works, too.

Indeed, it looks like it’s a good time to be on the Dark Side.