Darth Maul Will Reportedly Appear In Multiple Star Wars TV Shows

Darth Maul

We might find out what happened next after Solo, after all. Though the 2018 prequel is unlikely to get a sequel anytime soon, it looks like Lucasfilm will be continuing various plot threads in different Star Wars TV series. Reports spread recently that Donald Glover could come back for a Lando show and now, the latest intel is pointing to the studio having big plans for Maul on the small screen, too.

The Direct is reporting that Lucasfilm is developing a Maul-centric series for Disney Plus that would pick up after his cameo at the end of Solo. This revealed that he was the true brains behind the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate and saw him invite Qi’ra to work with him closely on Dathomir. Sure enough, The Direct is saying that Emilia Clarke would reprise her role for the Maul show.

What’s more, the same outlet writes that there are big plans for Maul in the works as he’s expected to turn up on multiple upcoming D+ series, and they speculate that the Obi-Wan Kenobi vehicle could be one of them. Though the pair can’t meet again until Star Wars Rebels, Maul could still feature in flashbacks or visions. They also suggest he could potentially turn up in the Cassian Andor show, too.

Of course, most of this information gels with what We Got This Covered has already told you. Last year, we reported that Maul was getting his own vehicle and we’ve also heard that he could show up in the Kenobi series. Clearly, Solo was supposed to set up a major new story arc for the villain that never got underway on the big screen. So, what Lucasfilm appears to be doing is shifting that over to the streaming platform instead.

Tell us, though, do you like the sounds of Darth Maul turning up all over the place in future Star Wars TV series? Sound off in the comments section below.