Daryl And Carol Reunite In New Clip From The Walking Dead Season 10


The Walking Dead won’t return to our screens for another couple of months yet, but we’ve now got this short clip from the season 10 premiere to whet our appetite for when it does. Seen above, the minute-long sneak peak features Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) reuniting after apparently not seeing each other for a while.

This clip reveals that Carol has thrown herself into the life of a humble fisherwoman since we last saw her at the end of season 9. Memorably, the penultimate episode had Alpha and the Whisperers massacre a number of supporting characters, including Carol and Ezekiel’s adoptive son Henry.

Of course, Carol’s no stranger to losing her children in tragic ways, and it seems this time she’s coping by burying her grief deep down. Daryl thinks Carol will be searching for Alpha for revenge, but Carol admits that she’s tried not to think about everything that’s happened and hopes that she never sees “those skin freaks” ever again. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure Carol won’t get her wish.

Also of note is that Carol gives Maggie a mention, briefly talking about the letters that she’s sent to Oceanside. After Lauren Cohan left the show unceremoniously back in season 9 episode 5, Maggie was explained to have left Hilltop during the time-jump to help Georgie build a new community someplace else. Much has been discussed about Cohan returning in season 10 for a guest or potentially a recurring spot, and while this hasn’t been confirmed just yet, we can speculate that this name-drop is meant to remind folks that Maggie’s still out there.

But as one character comes back, another one leaves and as you surely know, season 10 will officially be the last to feature Danai Gurira as Michonne. The run has been short out of order, though, so she should stick around for most of the year, just in a limited number of episodes.

The Walking Dead season 10 kicks off on AMC from Sunday, October 6th.