AMC Working On Lauren Cohan’s Return For The Walking Dead Season 10

Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead

Unlike Andrew Lincoln who’s confirmed he’s never coming back to the TV show – though he’s got his own movie trilogy to contend with – Lauren Cohan’s exit in season 9 didn’t preclude her from ever returning to The Walking Dead as Maggie. In fact, the actress has remained confident that there’s more to come from her in the TWD franchise. As we’ve heard many times by now, the plan is to get her back on board for a guest or recurring spot on season 10.

So, with the season now in production, how’s that going? Well, Entertainment Weekly asked showrunner Angela Kang about the chances of seeing Cohan in the next run and Kang intriguingly kept mum, saying that she couldn’t comment on the situation much. She did promise, however, that they’re working on bringing something together.

“I’m not sure if I can say much about it right now actually. I’ll just say that we’re working on it.”

Maggie’s exit was very open-ended, with the huge time jump following Rick’s disappearance allowing for her own departure to be easily explained away – apparently, she’s helping Georgie form a new community elsewhere. It’s something that can be reversed anytime Cohan is free to drop by the Hilltop again, and it sounds like that might happen this season.

Of course, the actress initially moved on due to a much-publicized payment dispute, before signing up for ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier. With that being cancelled after one season, however, there shouldn’t be any scheduling issues preventing the star from returning. Let’s just hope those corporate problems can be circumvented this time around.

There’s previously been talk of Cohan leading her own spinoff, following Maggie’s time building this new community – which fans are confident is the Commonwealth, a massive settlement from the comics. However, this clashes with Cohan’s own comments that she won’t return full-time to the role.

It looks like we’ll just have to patient and see what Kang and the team are “working on” here, but The Walking Dead fans should also pay attention during Comic-Con weekend, starting July 19th, for more news about season 10 and Cohan’s possible involvement in it.