DC TV Roundup: Green Arrow Slowly Gets His Groove Back, Legends Lose Grip On Reality

4) Thanks For Nothing

There’s a bit of television lingo I learned a long time ago, and it’s called “the art of the stall.” Basically, it refers to prolonging a major plot thread for as long as you can, although it’s preferable that you have small payoffs here and there in the meanwhile.

Well, that’s pretty much what The Flash did this week, but in somewhat maddening fashion. You see, the producers have been getting as much mileage out of this “who is Savitar?” business as they can, stretching it out longer than they did with the Reverse-Flash and Zoom. While I understand their reasons for doing such, I’m not so hot on the idea of dangling the juicy carrot Abra Kadabra provided, only to not deliver before the show goes on hiatus for a month.

Sure, this’ll probably be much easier to digest when eventually binge watching on Blu-ray, but for now, we were left with what came across as little more than a filler episode. On the plus side, I have to hand it to all involved for managing to adapt Abra Kadabra to live action without making him campy, because that was no small feat.

To be honest, there was payoff in the closing minutes, only it consisted of Caitlin Snow appearing to finally, definitively become Killer Frost. Technically, that’s something we’ve all waited to see longer than the Savitar reveal, but it felt in no way germane to the narrative at hand. If this were a video game, I’d be throwing a controller right about now.