8 Theories About Savitar’s True Identity In The Flash Season 3

When Savitar first appeared in season 3 of The Flash, it appeared as if he would be little more than the self-proclaimed God of Speed he said he was. Since then, it’s become clear that he ties into the Scarlet Speedster’s mythology in a much bigger way and that he has an identity which, when revealed, will blow the minds of both fans and Barry Allen.

Savitar has revealed that Barry will meet him in his original form very soon and that the battle between the two ultimately led to the destruction of Central City and his imprisonment in the Speed Force. Trapped there, he lost his mind a dozen times over until finally finding a way to free himself in the past to destroy Barry’s life by murdering Iris West.

It’s all pretty confusing without whipping out a flow chart and some diagrams, but here, we attempt to make sense of what’s going on by presenting a handful of compelling theories about the secret identity of Savitar. For a variety of reasons, these all make sense, but only one will ultimately be revealed as the monstrous villain….