Watch: First Peacemaker Footage Debuts In New HBO Max Trailer


DC fans have finally got their first glimpse of the upcoming HBO Max series set in the world of The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, thanks to HBO Max’s sizzle reel from last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards.

The teaser showcased plenty of returning shows from Warner Bros. as well as new films and series, with Peacemaker tucked away near the end.

The footage shown off in the clip wasn’t too revealing, with only a few scenes showcasing John Cena back in the titular role going about daily life, still in costume, and firing off a weapon at a range of targets.

While it wasn’t much, the teaser falls in line with recent set photos shared by Entertainment Weekly which showed off the series main cast. The show will be centered around a team of individuals with the goal of threatening the planet.

It’s not clear how the show will tie into the events of The Suicide Squad, but judging from this new footage, Peacemaker appears to be in much better shape than he was left at the end of the film, meaning it likely takes place after a fair amount of time after the recent flick.

We didn’t get much in terms of plot or any guest characters that may appear on the show, but with its release not expected until January 2022, there will likely be a full length trailer for the series coming in the near future that will detail more of what the show will have to offer.