Deathstroke Rumored For HBO Max Solo Series Without Joe Manganiello

Image via DC Entertainment

Could Joe Manganiello’s run of luck as the unluckiest man in DCEU history be about to continue? According to the latest rumor surrounding the future of Deathstroke, the answer might end up being a resounding yes.

The actor’s debut in the post-credits scene of Justice League was once poised to set him up for a massive role in the franchise, but everything ended up falling apart. At one stage, Slade Wilson was a key part of Zack Snyder’s Justice League sequels, the villain of Ben Affleck’s The Batman, the star of his own solo movie to be directed by The Raid‘s Gareth Evans and a significant player in The Suicide Squad, with concept art showing him standing in the spot that ultimately went to Idris Elba’s Bloodsport instead.

Manganiello has never given up hope on suiting up and reporting for duty again, while he even threw his weight behind the fan campaign to give the comic book assassin his own HBO Max series. Well, a new report offers that an episodic spin on Deathstroke is in early development for the streaming service, but Warner Bros. will be wiping the slate clean and recasting the titular antihero.

The project is said to be an origin story of sorts that relates to the League of Shadows, with Deathstroke fulfilling a new contract in each installment, which makes it sound a little like an action-packed superhero procedural. A writer is also purportedly attached, with development moving so quickly the rumor posits that an official announcement could be made as soon as October’s DC FanDome.