Devon Sawa Becomes A Regular On The CW’s Nikita

After two seasons of guest star action, Davon Sawa is being upgraded to regular status.

Fans of the long-time actor will get their wish to see more of this attractive former division agent when Nikita returns for its third season in the Fall. Sawa plays an ex-cleaner, Owen, who shares a similar back story with Nikita (Maggie Q). As part of his deep cover, he met and fell in love with a women who was eventually killed by the people he worked for.

Nikita rescued Owen from the clutches of Division only to find out that he was the man that killed her fiance. Since then he’s been both friend and foe to the small group of anti-division “soldiers” that are under the command of Nikita.

During the series’ Comic-Con panel, Nikita creator Craig Silverstein announced that Sawa will indeed be back and this time around he’ll be a series regular.

Owen is going to come back in the fourth episode, we’re going to answer the question, ‘Where the hell was Owen? Why didn’t he participate in the raid on Division? Does he still think some Guardians are alive and he’s chasing them in Europe?’ He’s going to come back with a mystery, he comes back with an agenda, all the good Owen stuff.

It will be interesting to see how the plot shifts to include him in a more substantial capacity after he’s been gone for a while. He’s been on hiatus since about the middle of season two and wasn’t part of the Percy take-down, which was a huge game changer in the series.

Whatever is ahead, I can’t wait to see. Sawa is a great actor and really does this role justice. With new threats coming to fill Percy’s shoes, it can’t hurt to have him around.

Are you excited to see more of Devon Sawa on Nikita, or is he a character you could live without?