Diane Lane And Greg Kinnear Join House Of Cards Season 6


In a move that undoubtedly constitutes the best possible response to crisis, Netflix has officially set the cast and crew of its award-winning drama House Of Cards back to work, and they’ll be joined by Academy Award nominees Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear. The production has finally cranked back into action on its sixth season, having been spectacularly derailed in the fall of 2017 by allegations of sexual assault being lodged against lead actor Kevin Spacey.

The first of several allegations against Spacey caused production of the series to be suspended on October 31st, with Netflix dismissing the actor from the show, distancing itself from him entirely, and setting the writer’s room the monumental task of re-writing the upcoming scripts to account for the departure of its central character. At the time, House Of Cards was shooting the second of its 13 season six episodes. Though it’s technically unclear whether the completed first episode has been abandoned, the fact that the sixth season has since been reduced to eight episodes suggests the production is returning with a fresh slate.

It was previously confirmed that the show would return for this now final season with Robin Wright playing the central figure. Though her role as Claire Underwood – wife of Spacey’s Frank Underwood – began as very much a supporting character in season 1, the consistent strength and complexity of Wright’s work on the show meant that Claire very quickly established herself as every bit the equal of her career politician husband.

Indeed, season 5 often saw the two characters fighting over power. Now, Robin Wright will be joined in the cast by Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear. Although the exact details of their characters remain under wraps, it’s expected that they’ll play siblings who are somehow involved in the sphere of Claire Underwood’s influence. Beyond that though, we can only speculate as to how they’ll be involved.

It’s a commendable step on the part of Netflix – firstly to commit to finishing out a troubled last season, and secondly to bring aboard such noted talent that the production can close its time on a professionally high note, rather than be dragged down by the alleged heinous acts of its former leading man. Clearly, such a move also benefits the long-term financial considerations of the streaming platform but, over the course of its previous five seasons, House Of Cards has achieved excellence in dramatic television because of the hard work and commitment of hundreds of people. It’s shameful that their livelihoods and artistic legacy might have been threatened by the actions of one individual. Now, quite appropriately, the cast and crew have the opportunity to rally behind Golden Globe winner Robin Wright, and give their show the ending it deserves.