Did Kevin Hart Kill Someone?

kevin hart

Kevin Hart is often considered to be one of Hollywood’s most lovable celebrities. The type of person you would love to get dinner and drinks with. In fact, if you asked people to name a famous actor who had a dark secret, most people wouldn’t even think of saying, Kevin Hart. 

However, right now, people on social media are wondering if Kevin Hart is actually a murderer. 

Why Do People Think Kevin Hart Killed Someone?

Kevin Hart’s newest project, True Story, recently landed on Netflix. Starring Hart and veteran actor Wesley Snipes the series follows a millionaire comedian called Kid, played by Hart. Kid is on tour after appearing in a big-budget superhero movie. However, when he returns to his hometown of Philadelphia for a tour date, things take a turn for the worse when he finds his brother, played by Snipes, waiting for him. 

Kid is talked into a night of debauchery by the brother. However, when he finds a dead body the next morning, Kid’s empire is at risk, and he has to try and work out what happened. 

The big issue is that Kid feels exactly like Hart. In fact, if you don’t catch the name, you would be forgiven for thinking Hart is playing himself. The character features many of his hallmarks, and many elements of the series feel like they’re built on events from his life. One of the first scenes, for instance, sees Kid on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, a show Hart regularly appears on. 

On top of this, the project is called True Story, causing many people to take the series at face value, especially those who stumble across the project on Netflix without reading reviews or promotional material first. 

So, Did Kevin Hart Kill Someone? 

Thankfully no. While Kid is based on Hart, Hart didn’t write the script. The story of True Story was written by Eric Newman. While Hart’s performance is effective, it is simply that, a performance.  The project began when Kevin Hart approached Eric Newman. Kevin asked Eric to write a script that allowed Kevin to play a darker and more serious character. This is because Hart wants to break away from being solely defined by his funny guy image.

The Internet Reacts

The second True Story was released, the internet quickly reacted with confusion. Some people asked how true the story was, wondering if Kevin had killed someone. 

Others played the confusion for laughs, joking about the confusion of others.

Many internet users quickly hit social media to review the series. They praised Hart’s performance and asked if the famous actor would do more serious roles in the future, noting that all of his recent serious parts have received fantastic reviews.