New Dinosaurs Poster Teases Its Arrival On Disney Plus


As much as fans enjoy the original content – of which there’s not a lot of, unfortunately – one of the big draws of Disney Plus is how it also houses a ton of nostalgic movies and TV shows from the Mouse House’s vault. Up until now, though, there’s been one classic 90s favorite that’s been frustratingly absent. Yes, we’re talking about Dinosaursthe hit prehistoric-themed sitcom that’s been rumored to be arriving on the platform for a while.

Originally, it was said to be coming this past fall, but clearly, that didn’t happen. At long last, though, the studio has announced that the series will make its big debut on their streaming site next month. On January 29th, to be specific.

Obviously, the news has sent fans wild, with many excited to relive their childhood memories and revisit the show when it touches down on D+ in early 2021. And now, to keep the hype going, Disney has debuted a new poster for Dinosaurs, teasing its arrival.

Nostalgia is a funny thing and while a lot of 90s classics have aged well, there are also a lot that haven’t. Where this particular title will fall remains to be seen, but regardless, there will no doubt be a ton of people flipping it on next month as they look to revisit it. Not to mention that Dinosaurs is something that many have been requesting be added to the D+ library, so it’s nice to see that the studio finally sat up and took notice.

Tell us, though, will you be checking it out when it debuts on Disney Plus in January? Sound off down below and let us know.