Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus

Solo Star Wars Han

The future of Solo: A Star Wars Story is at a crossroads. Unlike Rogue One – the only other Star Wars Anthology movie to date – the film was left open for the possibility of a sequel. However, also unlike Rogue One, it bombed at the box office.

Seems a rather cruel twist of fate when you put it like that. That fact has put paid to any prospects of an immediate Solo sequel, but stories have continued to rumble on about an alternative future. The latest comes from Star Wars Unity, who state that a direct continuation of Solo is expected to arrive on Disney+, as opposed to an originally envisaged spinoff. It’s not completely clear whether the continuation currently in the works is a movie or a TV series, but taking into account other reports, and Disney’s current Star Wars activities, I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter.

Such a series would be a happy medium for the minority of Star Wars fans who want to see more of Solo’s characters, and for a studio that doesn’t want another embarrassing financial failure. The 2018 film didn’t find a wide enough audience to justify its theatrical release, and thus the same would go for any Solo 2. But the landscape has changed in its favour with the launch of Disney+, which now positions itself as the home of Star Wars content.

A bespoke TV show for the streaming service would be financially viable, and its far more modest credentials would give it a chance to rehabilitate the Anthology film’s misbegotten reputation. No one liked the way Disney were shoving Star Wars movies down our throats during 2015-2019, and Solo: A Star Wars Story marked the low point of that hubris. A good box office-kicking is just what they needed, then, and the franchise is in a better place for it.