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Dishonored Project Reportedly In The Works At Netflix

This major franchise may be coming to TV screens in a whole new way.


Netflix is set to continue its crusade of adapting beloved video game properties to the small screen with a report that the streaming service has a project based on the 2012 game Dishonored in the works.

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According to the outlet that broke the news Giant Freakin Robot, a trusted source confirmed to them the platforms plan to produce something utilizing the game’s universe, however, there was little other information provided.

Right now there have been three games released within the Dishonored franchise, most recently Death of the Outsider in 2017, meanings there is much less source material for the show’s producers to adapt from than they were provided with the extremely popular Witcher series that had not only three games, but a series of novels to draw from.

Despite this, the universe of Dishonored is mostly open to experimentation as its fast world hasn’t been entirely mapped out leaving room for the show or movie to craft its own narrative while having the choice to bring back familiar characters from the game.

Dishonored has had quite the list of stars lend their voices to the game series over the years including the late Carrie Fisher, Lena Headey, Chloe Grace Moretz, John Slattery, and many more.

Gameplay for Dishonored sees players venture around tasked with assassinating targets of completing quests to progress through the game. The game for the most part follows the story of Corvo Attano, an assassin who took up the job after the Empress was killed on his watch as her bodyguard.

One key knock that the franchise has had is that the story of the games has for the most part been quite predictable, however, given Netflix’s track record for reinvigorating fantasy shows, there should be no real fear that the same will be the case when the production hits screens.