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Disney CEO Says The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Has A Real Name

According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda actually has a real name, but he won't reveal it. At least, not yet.

Baby Yoda

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with The Mandalorian, you’re probably still aware of Baby Yoda. After all, ever since he first showed up at the end of the Disney Plus series’ premiere episode, the little green guy has taken the world by storm, to the point where he’s now without a doubt the most discussed and beloved part of the aforementioned show.

We imagine that even the Mouse House was probably caught a bit off guard by just how quickly the phenomenon has exploded, with both new memes and merchandise hitting the web on a seemingly daily basis. Of course, this means that the folks over at the studio, and both cast and crew from the series – and even the Star Wars movies – have had to field questions about the 50 year-old infant creature. And in a recent interview, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed something rather interesting.

Speaking to The Star Wars Show, he noted that the character does indeed have a real name and shouldn’t be called Baby Yoda. However, he refused to say just what that name is.

“The world is referring to the character as Baby Yoda, and that’s a no-no. I got chastised in my early emails to Jon Favreau for referencing Baby Yoda. It just seemed so easy. I got my wrists slapped a bunch of times by Jon. ‘It’s not Baby Yoda!’ Okay, okay. It doesn’t have to say anything, it just emotes. It moves he ears, and the eyes. So darn intriguing. People really wanted to know, what’s it’s name? What’s it’s real name? Do you know it’s real name by the way? I know it’s real name, and it is one of the reasons I’ve got all this extra security now. I don’t want to be given some kind of truth serum by someone.”

Unfortunately, Iger also doesn’t say when fans can expect to learn Baby Yoda’s real name, but we’re sure that more will be revealed about the character and his backstory as The Mandalorian continues on. After all, we already know that we’re getting a second season.

Not only that, but we’ve also heard that Baby Yoda – or whatever he’s really called – will go on to appear in some of the Star Wars films as well. Meaning that Disney clearly has big plans for him. And though The Mandalorian is quickly coming up to the end of its first run, fans can at least rest easy knowing that the little green guy will be back on their screens before they know it.

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