Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Special Episode To Debut Next Week

The Mandalorian

It’s going to be a happy holidays for Star Wars fans, as Disney Plus is serving up a Mandalorian special this Christmas Day. The Mouse House has announced that a new episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian will arrive on December 25th and go behind the scenes of the hit second season of the series.

“In this new installment of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, filmmakers and cast provide unprecedented access to the storytelling decisions and innovations that went into the second season of the Emmy Award-winning series,” a press release promises of the holiday special. “Featuring immersive on-set footage that places viewers right in the middle of the filmmaking process, and rare insights from the cast and crew, this special documentary explores the production of all 8 episodes in season two – from early concept art through the groundbreaking technology introduced in the series.”

The first season of Disney Gallery arrived earlier this year, months after season 1 of The Mandalorian had concluded. This time around, though, Disney Plus has been much speedier in serving up the docuseries. Season 2 reaches its climax this very Friday, so we only have to wait seven days to get a glimpse into the making of the show.

While this announcement has somewhat come out of the blue, if you’ve been paying attention, you might’ve known it was on the way. After all, in November, Disney Plus Australia accidentally spoiled the reveal early by listing the Disney Gallery season 2 premiere as arriving on Christmas Day. It’s currently unclear, though, whether new episodes will be dropping weekly after this or if it’s a one-off special.

In any case, there’s definitely a lot to cover in the docuseries this year. Season 2 has been packed full of memorable moments, guest stars and surprises, from the return of Boba Fett to Ahsoka Tano making her live-action debut. But it’s not over yet. We’ve still got to see what happens to Baby Yoda, who’s currently in the evil hands of Moff Gideon and the Empire, in Chapter 16. Will Mando and his friends save the little guy? Find out on D+ this Friday. And then make sure not to miss Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian‘s return on December 25th.