Disney Now Hunting Down Knock-Off Baby Yoda Merchandise On Etsy


“Today is the end of non-sanctioned merchandise! The end of a regime of Star Wars fans that acquiesce to disorder. At this very moment, in a factory far from here, Baby Yoda lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the rogues of Etsy.” I imagine this is how Jon Favreau or Bob Iger or whoever has final say on merch for The Mandalorian has yelled at their legal team lately to motivate them. And whatever was yelled worked, as Disney has gone after thousands of users selling homemade Baby Yoda merchandise.

That’s right. Over 1,500 items from Etsy have been delisted after Disney sent their attack dogs to track down fans of the cutest creature from a galaxy far, far away. Etsy is primarily known for homebrew items for any fandom and since the merch for The Mandalorian was intentionally delayed to keep the mystique of Baby Yoda in tact, fans have been turning to these unofficial items ever since The Child’s first appearance. And even despite Funko’s Baby Yoda pop become the highest pre-selling item of all time (not simply selling, God forbid), Disney is apparently still worried about their profit margins.

Okay, okay, before you attack me for attacking a multimedia conglomerate that’s commercializing every aspect of your childhood, I understand that copyright infringement is certainly a thing. But I’m also glad that there are still dozens of listings for “Baby Alien” or “Small Yoder” or “Babby Yoddle” or whatever. I’d rather buy something someone lovingly made than something cynically shoved into a press by an underpaid 12-year-old. But…that’s just me.

I also just want all the Baby Yoda merch I can get my hands on. Since I’m apparently not cool enough to be an influencer and get free stuff from a thing I adore, I have no choice but to continue my stan of The Child in any way that I can. Disney may own everything, but they’ll never put a patent on love.

Source: Epicstream