The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Is Now The Best-Selling Funko Pop Of All-Time

Baby Yoda

UPDATE: Funko has asked that we note that the Baby Yoda pop is the bestselling pre-order item of all time, as it hasn’t sold yet, technically.

Baby Yoda is the best before ever even actually physically arriving, once again. By now, most people who are going to watch The Mandalorian have watched it, and those who’ve seen it have undoubtedly fallen in love with The Child. Anybody who didn’t is some kind of heartless mudhorn. I mean, I sure as heck fell in love with the cutest thing from a galaxy far, far away, but apparently, I’m not the only one.

Funko, who make those sometimes cute, sometimes not figures of all your favorite movie and TV characters, announced in December that a Baby Yoda toy was indeed coming out…in May. Whelp, those pre-orders alone have made The Child’s Pop figure the single most successful figure the company has ever released. It’s already sold out on Amazon, for crying out loud, and while I guess Walmart, as of writing, may still have some, it’s pretty clear that Baby Yoda’s power is immense and at this point, he’s unstoppable.

If you haven’t put in your pre-order yet for the Funko figure, fear not, as there’s more merch set to be available over the next few months that probably won’t sell out. For one, that “life size” doll of Baby Yoda that’s been floating around is $350 a pop, so it’s obviously the least affordable one of the bunch and will be too expensive for most – but it may also give the best snuggles? If you wanted to cuddle a plushie though, good luck, as those are all sold out already, too. Anybody wanting to demonstrate their love of The Child will have to stick to fan art and desperate, cloying articles for the time being.

Good for Disney, though. I’m glad they can make boatloads of cash off of us, the dummies who love cutie pies. Baby Yoda is too cute to exist for real, so it makes sense that any physical form of his graciousness would be either ridiculously expensive or technically not exist yet. I wonder if this explosion of love for The Child will lead to an expanded role in the second season of The Mandalorian. Perhaps, but much like those in need of their Funko Pops, we’ll just have to wait to find out.