Disney Plus Added 2 New Documentary Episodes Today

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is always adding new content to its lineup, and even though this weekend is one of the streaming giant’s quieter ones, a pair of new additions for the history buff in the family is now available courtesy of National Geographic.

Joining the service today are two episodes of the Nat Geo series Lost Cities with Albert Lin. The two new episodes are The Great Flood and Megacity of the Maya Warrior King.

As the name suggests, Albert Lin’s series takes you through ancient cultures using new technology to investigate past events. Via National Geographic, the descriptions for each of these new episodes read as follows.

“In a world increasingly prone to devastating flooding, National Geographic explorer Albert Lin uncovers the origins of flood stories from around the world.”

“Albert Lin sets out to solve an ancient mystery and find a lost Maya city.”

Once you check out these two new episodes of Lost Cities, there are more Albert Lin Nat Geo series that you can binge if you’d like. These include Buried Secrets of the Bible and Lost Treasures of the Maya, both of which are available to stream now on Disney Plus. Furthermore, there is plenty of other documentary content available on Disney Plus as well thanks to the streaming service being the home of the National Geographic catalog.

In addition to the plethora of documentary content on the platform, plenty of additional new content has recently been added to Disney Plus for all kinds of viewers, including Muppets Haunted Mansion, Marvel’s Black Widow, and the supernatural anthology series Just Beyond.