Disney Plus Doubles Subscriber Numbers In 12 Months


Ever since Disney Plus first launched, the streaming service hasn’t just surpassed expectations and projections, but absolutely annihilated them. Every time we hear a new set of statistics and/or data relating to the Mouse House’s platform, it’s always above and beyond what the company were hoping for, and that hasn’t changed despite the pandemic wreaking havoc on the entire entertainment industry.

As per the latest set of numbers unveiled by Disney, in the third fiscal quarter of 2021 the streamer added an additional 12.2 million subscribers, taking the global customer base past 116 million, which is mind-boggling when you consider the service only went live in November 2019, and didn’t reach many international territories until months afterwards.

Twelve months ago D+ boasted 57.5 million subscribers, meaning that signups have doubled in the space of a year. All of the major platforms benefited from the pandemic forcing people to spend more time inside than ever before, but sending big blockbusters to Premier Access, debuting Pixar’s Soul and Luca, and rolling out high profile new content on a regular basis from Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has evidently provided a substantial boost.

While that’s still close to 100 million subscribers behind market leaders Netflix, let’s not forget that Disney were confident they wouldn’t only catch the competition but surpass it by the end of 2022, and looking at the unstoppable rise of the platform since it first went online, it definitely can’t be discounted. Remember, we’re getting over 100 exclusives on an annual basis moving forward from some of the biggest brands in Hollywood that won’t be found anywhere else, so this time next year Disney Plus could be head of the class.