Disney Plus new ad-based subscription is leaving fans furious

Disney Plus logo
Screengrab via YouTube/MTX

Well, the party is officially over. Disney Plus has changed their subscription model to an ad-based service. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the House of Mouse had to go and do something like this — and around the holidays no less. For shame. It’s a real Scrooge move if you ask us, and they should know. We’re looking at you Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Okay so “shameful” is a pretty harsh word, but we definitely agree it was a bad move by whoever’s in charge of making things like these happen at Disney. It’s true that the company has lost a lot of money over the past year, and reworking their subscription service is the first step in recovering some of those losses. But to do it by shamelessly using advertising, and making us PAY to not have to see it? Does anyone else feel like they’re taking crazy pills?

Here’s a look at the price breakdown for their newly minted model.

Essentially, Disney Plus took the original price of their ad-free service and made that the base price for an ad-centric subscription. Then they upped the price for a new ad-free package that costs more than it ever has. It’s a horrible move, and one that Disney fans around the globe are frustrated by. Why shouldn’t they be? Disney Plus houses exclusive content that you can’t see anywhere else, and now it seems you have to pay (more) to play (without those pesky ads.)

Who knows? Maybe the magic of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or any other awesome winter-themed holiday has the power to change Disney’s mind. After all, magic is sort of what Disney does best. Just don’t hold your breath.