Disney Plus reveals new ‘Moon Knight’ details

moon knight early reviews disney plus
Image via Marvel / Disney

So far, every Disney Plus exclusive set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has revolved around at least one legacy character that audiences have spent a number of years growing familiar with, but that’s all set to change in spectacular fashion when Moon Knight finally arrives at the end of next month.

Not only is it the first streaming series to put a brand new character front-and-center without any recognizable faces lending support (at least as far as we know), but it looks as though we could be in store for the darkest and most atmospheric MCU project we’ve ever seen, on either the big or small screens.

The first full-length trailer went down a storm online, increasing the levels of hype and anticipation tenfold, but concrete plot details remain fairly tightly under wraps. However, Disney Latino has shed some new light on the title hero’s origins and potential skill set, which you can read below.

“[Steven} Grant suffers from dissociative identity disorder, a psychological pathology he discovers after having flashes from another life. From there, the mercenary Marc Spector, a parallel identity in him, begins to manifest. [Khonshu] negotiates with Marc [Spector] to become the bearer of his powers on Earth. Spector, who in those circumstances was already a former military officer, former CIA agent, and still worked as a mercenary, is abandoned by his companions during a mission and the Egyptian deity appears there to save his life. [He has] Olympic-level athleticism, capable of performing complex acrobatics, a talented combat strategist and a great variety of weapons.”

It’s admittedly vague, but fans will take anything they can get at this stage when the Moon Knight hype train continues gathering steam, all while Marvel gives us nothing more than scraps to feed on. Oscar Isaac starring as a cult favorite superhero is more than enough, of course, but those seven weeks and change until the premiere are going to feel like an eternity.