Disney Plus Reportedly Rebooting Joss Whedon’s Firefly


Joss Whedon still hasn’t washed off the stench that Justice League left on his career, and if anything, it could mark the beginning of a downward spiral following Ray Fisher’s accusations of misconduct. Once the Cyborg star went public with his claims and invited legal action from Whedon’s representatives if they could prove what he was saying wasn’t true, several former collaborators came forward with similar stories about the filmmaker’s behavior.

While he hasn’t commented on the matter since the allegations first broke, many people don’t think it was a coincidence that he stepped down from HBO’s upcoming series The Nevers before the first episode even aired, especially when he was the creator, executive producer and main creative driving force behind the project.


Of course, we know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is getting rebooted, so it’s not like Hollywood studios are totally distancing themselves from the filmmaker just yet, and the latest report now claims that another one of Whedon’s beloved shows could be getting the same treatment, with a new version of Firefly said to be in development for Disney Plus. The sci-fi adventure series was canceled after one season in 2002, but spawned a loyal and dedicated following who have ensured it lives on as a firm cult favorite.

Three years after being pulled from the airwaves, Whedon was given the opportunity to tie up the story in a feature film and potentially launch a franchise, only to see Serenity bomb at the box office and seemingly confirm that Firefly held sway with just a niche audience. Disney picked up the rights as part of the Fox takeover, and while the news is in no way official or even close to being confirmed, the Mouse House’s increased focus on streaming content could realistically lead to any number of recognizable brands that they have at their disposal being rebooted.