Disney Reportedly Considering Getting Rid Of Gina Carano On The Mandalorian

Gina Carano

If the major Hollywood studios caved to fan pressure, then they’d never be able to get anything done. And if the people in charge paid even the slightest attention to what’s trending on social media or what petitions are gaining traction online, then the current complexion of the industry would be very different.

For one thing, no TV show would ever be cancelled seeing as a campaign springs up anytime a series with a decent-sized fanbase is pulled from the airwaves, while Johnny Depp would still be both Jack Sparrow and Grindelwald as Amber Heard desperately struggled to find work. Brie Larson would have been replaced as Captain Marvel, the eighth season of Game of Thrones would have been remade, and the list goes on and on.

Of course, there are widespread calls now for Gina Carano to be dropped from The Mandalorian thanks to the outrage over her recent Twitter activity. And while there are plenty of people in the business with questionable personal and political views, the artist needs to be separated from the art to get any sort of enjoyment from the product in question.

That being said, insider Daniel Richtman claims that the higher ups at Disney are keenly aware of Carano’s combative nature on social media, and as a result, they could be considering a way to write her out of The Mandalorian. Taking to his Patreon account, he shared the following:

“I hear they are considering replacing her or killing her off next season.”

The third run of the hit Disney Plus series is scheduled to start shooting before the end of the year and while the Mouse House doesn’t seem to have made a final decision on the matter one way or another just yet, if Carano keeps up her current behavior, she might find herself out of a job before long.