Disney Reveals Adorable New Baby Yoda Plushie

Baby Yoda

With last year’s The Mandalorian taking Disney+ subscribers by storm, there have been few crazes bigger than the show’s adorable little mascot, The Child (or as we all still stubbornly call him, Baby Yoda). So, fans anxiously awaiting additional merchandise of the beloved character will be happy to hear that ShopDisney is now taking pre-orders for a new Baby Yoda plushie.

At 11 inches tall, this polyester Baby Yoda dons a faux suede coat, soft internal materials and his trademark big eyes that are sure to win the hearts of any who lay eyes on him. Costing only $24.99, it’s the perfect gift for any Star Wars lover or devoted Baby Yoda admirer.

Those who have already pre-ordered can expect their plushies to arrive by April 20th. Sadly, pre-orders are currently sold out, and there isn’t any indication of when they might open up again for those who missed their first opportunity to procure one.

The Mandalorian may be highly focused on the titular character, but by the time The Child showed up early in the series, it was pretty clear who the most famous face would quickly become. Seemingly overnight, Baby Yoda became one of the most popular things on the internet, prompting fans to produce thousands of charming memes and spark tons of speculation on his origins. The show has yet to explain the full backstory of The Child, and we don’t even know the actual name of his species. But these questions and many others are almost guaranteed to be answered when season 2 launches exclusively on Disney+ in late 2020.

In the meantime, those lucky enough to snag one of ShopDisney’s cuddly Baby Yoda plushies won’t have to feel the sting of waiting quite so strongly.