Doctor Who Christmas Special Almost Left Peter Capaldi And David Bradley In Tears


With season 10 of Doctor Who now concluded, it’s time to start looking forward to the Time Lord’s next appearance, which will, of course, be in the upcoming Christmas special.

Titled “Twice Upon A Time,” reflecting the fact that it will feature two Doctors, the special will team Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor up with the First Doctor – the original, you might say – who’ll be played by Harry Potter star David Bradley. As revealed earlier, Mark Gatiss will be making an appearance as well and during San Diego Comic-Con, we learned that Pearl Mackie will be back too, ensuring that the whole gang is there to see Capaldi off for his final time in the role.

It’s sure to be an emotional outing for the show, and if Bradley is to be believed, it might just bring us to tears. Speaking at the London Film and Comic Con, the actor said that there’s a scene in the special which nearly had both him and Capaldi crying.

“There’s an event towards the end of [the Christmas special] that happens and when it happened, well, we just did a take and neither Peter nor I expected it. There was no CGI involved, it was all happening and we were both almost blubbing by the time that the take ended.

When pressed for more details, Bradley wouldn’t spill anything else but did say that what he’s referring to takes things to “another dimension.”

I can’t say, I’m not going to say, what it was but it was quite an event and we weren’t prepared for all the things that were going to be going on around us as we were doing our dialogue. And as I say to you, we got quite lumpy. They’ve kept that out of the trailer but it takes it all to another dimension…”

We can only speculate as to what almost brought the actors to tears, but given everything we know about the special, it’s not too surprising to hear. Like we said above, it’s definitely going to be emotional and Bradley’s comments only have us that much more excited for the episode.

Doctor Who returns to our screens this Christmas, at which point Jodie Whittaker will make her debut as the show’s first female Doctor.

Source: Radio Times

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