Doctor Who’s John Barrowman Teases Another Return For Captain Jack


Captain Jack Harkness was MIA from Doctor Who for 10 whole years, but John Barrowman finally returned to the Whoniverse for a surprise cameo in 2020 episode “Fugitive of the Judoon,” After that brief comeback, he’s featuring in a starring role in new special “Revolution of the Daleks,” airing today, January 1st. But is this the last time we’ll see the immortal Time Agent for another decade?

While speaking with ahead of the special, the former Arrow star played it coy and said the decision for another comeback was out of his hands, but he did make clear that he would always accept the invitation to travel in time and space whenever it came his way. Even if his changing hair color will have to be factored into the plot.

“I have no idea, you’ll have to talk to the producers,” Barrowman said. “I’ve always said, if I’m asked I will do it at the drop of a hat – I will happily come back to the TARDIS any time I am asked. Except I’ll be grey-haired now, so we have to work that into the plot, that something happened to Jack’s hair! Or they’ll dye it – they can sort it out. But I don’t know what the future holds. We have to wait and see.”

Jack previously got in contact with the Doctor’s friends, Ryan (Tosin Cole), Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Yaz (Mandip Gill), to pass on a message to the titular hero about an incoming deadly foe. He didn’t get to come face to face with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, then, but Barrowman has promised us that we can look forward to this historic reunion taking place in the special. And there may even be some sexual tension between them. Or at least on Jack’s end.

Not that this meeting will happen right away, mind you. As “Revolution” begins, the Time Lord will be locked up in space prison just as the Earth needs protecting from the latest invasion attempt by her old enemies, the Daleks. Thankfully, Jack will be on hand to fill in for her until she manages to escape her cell.

Season 13 is shooting right now, so fingers crossed that Barrowman is actually planning on making another sneaky return but is keeping mum. Or else there’s a Torchwood revival in the works that we don’t know about. In the meantime, don’t miss Doctor Who “Revolution of the Daleks” later today.