Doctor Who Holiday Special Photos Tease An Epic And Eventful Episode

Doctor Who

The season 12 finale of Doctor Who left the titular protagonist in a compromising position. Incarcerated by the Judoon and jailed inside an intergalactic prison, Jodie Whittaker’s 13th will now have to rely on the help of an old friend to break out of her cell just in time to stop the sinister Daleks from dominating Earth or whatever mischief it is that they’re getting up to in the upcoming incursion.

As Whovians will tell you, the Daleks of Skaro are not only one of the deadliest villains in the entire history of the show, but also the Doctor’s single greatest enemies. Though the last time we encountered them, they were low in number and disorganized. That’ll surely change, though, in the Holiday Special episode, titled “Revolution of the Daleks.” After all, as the Last of the Time Lords once explained, you leave one Dalek alive, and they’ll return with an armada.

Still, that’s not the only thing that gets our blood pumping for the ‘fam’ and Jodie Whittaker’s next outing on January 1st. The marketing machine behind the BBC’s Doctor Who has relentlessly teased the return of Captain Jack Harkness over the past weeks. And apparently, he won’t be coming back for a mere cameo this time. John Barrowman’s swashbuckling hero will be returning in full force, as the new photos below tease.

As you can see, there are also several fresh faces that’ll be making their debut in “Revolution of the Daleks.” They can’t be a part of UNIT, since Chris Chibnall controversially disbanded the organization in season 12, so it’ll be interesting to learn who else will aid the Doctor in her efforts to stop the Daleks as Earth’s last line of defense.

Fans also expect the upcoming Doctor Who episode to be an emotional rollercoaster, as we’ve recently learned that two of 13th’s companions will leave come New Year’s Day. Get those tissues ready, folks.