Doctor Who Season 13 Set Pics Reveal Another Returning Monster

Doctor Who

Remember when Jodie Whittaker’s first run of Doctor Who didn’t feature any returning monsters at all? Well, since then the rules have definitely changed as she faced the Daleks, Cybermen and the Master in multiple episodes of season 12. This trend will only continue in the next outing, too, as the latest set photos have revealed that we can expect perhaps the show’s most terrifying villains to make a return.

Despite the UK being plunged into lockdown, which has affected many Hollywood productions, filming on Who is progressing unabated. This week, the team were caught shooting on Cold Knap Beach in Wales and while Whittaker was glimpsed wearing a big coat over her costume, the more shocking part of these pics is that they contain a Weeping Angel. Yes, the silent, stony killers are back to face off against the Thirteenth Doctor.

The Angels first debuted in 2007’s “Blink,” starring David Tennant, which is still considered the finest Who episode ever by many. Due to their popularity, they then reappeared several times throughout the Matt Smith era. Since then, though, they’ve mostly been used for fan-pleasing cameo appearances. For instance, one just turned up as one of the Doctor’s fellow space prison inmates in New Year’s special “Revolution of the Daleks.”

It looks like season 13 might deliver our first Angels-centric episode in a while, though. It’s hard to tell much about the plot from these pics, but the image of a lone Angel standing on a rainy beach is a pretty spooky one, so maybe this story will take them back to their roots and be a bit of a horror outing. Ex-showrunner Steven Moffat has always been the one to write the Angels, but it’s likely a different Doctor Who writer will be handling them this time around.