Doctor Who Star Jodie Whittaker Confirms Season 13’s In Pre-Production

Doctor Who

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker and the thirteenth incarnation of the titular character herself has revealed that the next season is currently going through pre-production.

After the thunderous season 12 finale that essentially retconned years of continuity and redefined the Doctor’s identity, fans have been left with a lot of questions about their favorite Gallifreyan Time Lord. Although, we should probably stop referring to her as Gallifreyan given the latest game-changing twist that revealed the Last of the Time Lords isn’t, in fact, from this universe.

As Whovians will tell you, expectations are high right now for the overarching narrative that will begin to unravel as Chris Chibnall’s era grows to its climactic conclusion. But I think we’d be getting ahead of ourselves if we speculated about where all of that’s leading right now.

At the moment, fans are just wondering when the show will be back. After all, barring “Revolution of the Daleks,” this year’s special festive episode, the Coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for the cast and crew to get on with the production of the upcoming chapter. But according to what Jodie Whittaker has just revealed during the New York Comic-Con 2020 virtual panel today, they’re making progress.

“We’re certainly in prep, so what we’re all hoping for is for us to be filming before the close of 2020,” she said.

Jodie’s co-star Bradley Walsh, meanwhile, teased fans that Doctor Who‘s next run will be even more exciting than the last, saying:

“Listen: this is going to be an unbelievable series; an unbelievable year of titanic proportions…”

That’s certainly interesting to hear since earlier reports indicated that Graham may be saying goodbye to the show in the upcoming special episode. Though as the Thirteenth’s most well developed companion, viewers will be glad to know that he’s sticking around for at least another season.