Two Doctor Who Stars Are Reportedly Leaving The Show After Holiday Special

Doctor Who

Doctor Who season 12 left things looking dire for the Doctor, as the Time Lord was captured and imprisoned by the Judoon. She may be currently separated from her friends, then, but the recent finale very much promised that the whole “fam” would be back to rescue the Doctor when the series returns for festive special “Revolution of the Daleks.”

This might be the final time that the Doc, Ryan, Yaz and Graham are all together, though, as The Mirror claims that two of the quartet will leave the show following the one-off episode. Namely, Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole are both said to be on their way out the door, with Mandip Gill remaining on with Jodie Whittaker for season 13.

At this stage, this news is unconfirmed, but The Mirror previously shared some reports about season 12 last year that turned out to be pretty spot-on – talking of the return of the Cybermen and a much darker tone. So, they could be right about these casting changes as well. And these upcoming exits would make sense. After all, Walsh has always had to juggle his Who role with other commitments – he’s an in-demand presenter and host on UK TV. Meanwhile, Cole has just signed up for AMC’s miniseries 61st Street, suggesting he’s moving his career over to the US.

“Two years is a long time in the world of Doctor Who. Yaz will be back but Christmas will be the last outing for Ryan and Graham,” a source apparently told The Mirror.

That first sentence is definitely true. Two seasons is about the average length of time to travel in the TARDIS in the modern series – only Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Jenna Coleman exceeded that limit, with each of them sticking around for two and a half consecutive seasons. If Gill is remaining on board for all of season 13, though, she could break their record (if only in seasons, not episodes, as earlier runs were longer than the current 10-part structure).

In any case, we don’t yet know exactly when Doctor Who: “Revolution of the Daleks” will air, but it’ll be either this Christmas or New Year’s Day.