Doctor Who Cast Comes Together For New Christmas Special Photos


The wait until the Doctor Who Christmas special is about to get a little easier.

Next Friday will bring with it the first clip from the much-anticipated episode, titled “Twice Upon a Time,” as the sci-fi show joins in with the Children In Need charity campaign. Ahead of the celebrations next week, though, we now have these festive cast photos.

Taken in the TARDIS, the images show Peter Capaldi, David Bradley and Pearl Mackie posing with Pudsey the bear, the Children in Need’s mascot. One pic even sees the trio together, grinning and donning Christmas hats. Well, Bradley and Mackie are wearing them. Presumably, the hat wouldn’t fit over Capaldi’s bouffant hair.

Though the cast were all smiles during this day on set, “Twice Upon a Time” is set to be a very dramatic episode with lots of emotion. Last time we saw the Doctor, he had been fatally wounded fighting the Cybermen. Deciding that he couldn’t “keep being somebody else,” he tried to suppress the regeneration process.

In the final moments of the season 10 finale, though, he bumped into none other than his first incarnation (Bradley). Over the special, No. 12 will surely come to the realization that the Doctor must live on and regenerate into his thirteenth body, aka Jodie Whittaker (whose costume in the role has just been revealed).

Pearl Mackie is joining the two Doctors on their final adventure as well, making her final appearance as Bill Potts. Bill was last seen being reborn after turning into a Cyberman and electing to leave the Doctor and travel the universe with her girlfriend Heather. Somehow, though, she’ll meet the Time Lord again at Christmas.

The Doctor Who clip is expected to air on Children in Need on BBC One during the earlier part of the evening (7pm-10pm). Don’t worry if you’re not in the UK, though, as it will no doubt drop online very shortly afterwards.