‘Doctor Who’ fans celebrate Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor outliving yet another U.K. Prime Minister

Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who
Image via BBC Studios

Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who tenure has been notable for so many reasons. Back when she was first cast in 2017, she grabbed headlines due to being the first woman to play the face-changing time traveler. Now, with her regeneration coming this very weekend, the actress isn’t leaving the show before landing another milestone. This time, she’s achieved the honor of being the incarnation of the Doctor to outlast the most U.K. Prime Ministers.

Twitter is ablaze right now with folks poking fun at outgoing PM Liz Truss for resigning from her post after a mere 45 days, which makes her the short-serving head of the U.K. government by quite some margin. It gets even funnier, though, when you realize that Whittaker’s time in the TARDIS has encompassed a total of three Prime Ministers, meaning she’s been battling the Daleks longer than the combined durations in 10 Downing Street of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Truss.

“Truly iconic behavior.”

This might be the most British tweet that has ever been tweeted.

Doctor Who fans can always be trusted to spout obscure facts during times of national crisis.

Don’t forget she also served under two monarchs, too.

Whittaker and that lettuce are the real winners today.

OK, but maybe Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” coming out tomorrow isn’t the only reason Truss decided to throw in the towel today.

The campaign to get Whittaker in No. 10 starts here!

After five years as the custodian of time and space, Whittaker is finally handing back her Sonic Screwdriver in this Sunday’s feature-length farewell special, titled “The Power of the Doctor.” Previously, fans had been curious about what exactly that power was… but now we know. The real power of the Doctor is the ability to last longer than multiple U.K. Prime Ministers.