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Swifties have figured out the real reason why Liz Truss resigned

It's a Midnight madness for the former PM.

Taylor Swift Liz Truss PM
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The U.K. government is undoubtedly in shambles right now after it was announced that Prime Minister Liz Truss has officially resigned from her post. The news made its rounds earlier this morning, with multiple media outlets reporting that Truss had stepped down from her position in the aftermath of a disastrous economic breakdown of her government. And while the exact reason for Truss’ resignation has been accurately laid out, Taylor Swift stans believe they have figured out the true reason.

Over on Twitter, the former Prime Minister has certainly become the butt of an overabundance of viral jokes. In particular, Swifties have started to insincerely insist that Liz Truss actually resigned so that she had a clear and full schedule to binge-listen to Swift’s new Midnights album, which is set to release tomorrow, Oct. 21.

In a handful of the amusing tweets, Liz Truss is personally photographed in a selfie with Swift herself — which has further provided fuel to the fire in regards to the viral craze. In the past, Truss has pulled from Swift’s lyrics in professional government speeches, including memorably quoting song lyrics from Swift’s “The Man” in the Houses of Parliament during the International Women’s Day Debate back in 2020.

Needless to say, the general reaction to Truss’ designation is enough to keep the viral trends and memes coming for weeks upon weeks. And as reams of reactions and replies continue to pour in across social media, perhaps Taylor Swift will have a word or two of wisdom to extend to the former PM.

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