Long-Time Doctor Who Scribe Mark Gatiss Not Involved In Season 11


True to the old adage of one door opening just as another begins to close, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Twice Upon a Time,” will herald the beginning of a “whole new era.”

At least, that’s according to long-time screenwriter Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), who is poised to appear as a WWI soldier known only as ‘The Captain’ in the imminent festive treat. While appearing on ITV chat show Lorraine (with a tip of the hat to Digital Spy), Gatiss previewed Jodie Whittaker’s first appearance as the Time Lord, before hinting that he has no involvement in season 11, which will see current showrunner Steven Moffat hand over the keys to Chris Chibnall.

It’s fantastic. What I love about this, I love the costume – I call it ‘Godspell chic’. It’s got a lovely early ’70s feel to it, which I really like. I think it’s a fantastic choice, Jodie, it’s a whole new era. And I don’t know anything about it which is a position I’ve not been in since 2004. Yes [it’s strange] but it’s nice.

Later in the interview, Gatiss then admitted that the initial screening of “Twice Upon a Time” reduced everyone to tears, which is by no means the first time that a member of the Doctor Who family has drawn attention the episode’s emotional beats.

Via Lorraine:

It was a very touching thing. I created Sherlock with Steven. We’ve been friends for years. I’ve written for Doctor Who since it came back.Earlier this year Steven said to me, ‘Will you keep the summer free because I’ve written a part for you in Peter’s last story and I want you to be there when I go.’ We were all in tears. It was the screening the other night and we were all in tears I’m afraid. It’s a happy sad.

So pack the tissues, folks, for “Twice Upon a Time” looks set to tug on the ol’ heartstrings when Doctor Who‘s Christmas Special airs on December 25th, at which point Peter Capaldi will bid farewell to the hit sci-fi series.

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