New Trailer For Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor Arrives Online


The Day of the Doctor is getting closer, and the BBC has given us another trailer today for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. This time, unlike the teaser trailer we saw a few weeks back, we actually get to see some footage from the special itself. At only 40 seconds long it’s not exactly a spoiler-fest, but here’s what we can glean from it:

  • There will be Daleks. Could they really celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who without them? They made an appearance in the teaser trailer before, but this is the first official confirmation that they are actually in the special.
  • John Hurt is playing the Doctor that the Doctor would rather forget. “I’ve had many faces, many lives,” says the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith). “There’s one life I’ve tried very hard to forget.” It seems like he did a pretty good job up until now, seeing as how we’ve never seen John Hurt’s take on the Doctor before.
  • We’ll get to see Matt Smith wearing a fez. Cool, I guess?
  • Glowing eyes? Serious look on her face? Look out, fabric of space and time: Rose Tyler is back and looks to be in her best Bad Wolf form.
  • Things will explode. Things always explode.

It all looks very exciting, and for those who get the chance to see it in 3D at a theater… well, that’s one less dimension than the Doctor is used to operating in, but it still has the potential to look pretty cool.

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor will be airing on BBC One in the U.K., BBC America in the States, and theaters around the globe on November 23rd. Check your local listings and mark it on your calendar. Unless you have a TARDIS, that is, in which case you can pretty much travel back and/or forth in time to watch it whenever you want, so what are you even doing watching trailers?