Doctor Who Fans Around The World Pay Tribute To Peter Capaldi In Moving Video


Maybe it’s because it’s a show about an alien who travels throughout the whole of time and space, but there’s something about Doctor Who that makes its appeal universal. While it’s traditionally been a British institution, the revived series has boosted the sci-fi behemoth’s presence and popularity across the globe. Perhaps its most successful period has been Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the Time Lord, but with the Twelfth Doctor bowing out this Christmas, millions of fans both new and old around the world are about to lose their Doctor.

As shared by BBC America, the video below sees viewers of various nationalities pouring in their thank you messages in honour of Capaldi. It’s moving enough to watch as a fellow fan, but if the actor himself ever sees it, we imagine he’ll be humbled and touched by how the love for his incarnation of the character is so far reaching, with people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds citing him as their favourite.

In particular, it’s interesting to see the different parts of Capaldi’s performance that fans have responded to. Some enjoy his distinctive look and are shown cosplaying as the Twelfth Doctor in the video, while others point out how they’ve been moved to tears by his tremendous acting skills many times over the past three seasons. The fact that Capaldi, as a lifelong Doctor Who fan, finally got to play the character at the age of 55 is also a huge inspiration to many people. It seems his story gives them hope that you should never abandon your dreams as you never know when they might eventually happen.

Arguably more so than previous Doctors, fans have really gotten the opportunity to know Capaldi since he took on the role in 2014 as he’s travelled the globe as Doctor Who‘s mascot, appearing on worldwide promotional tours, Comic-Cons and other conventions. While Jodie Whittaker is likely to be another fan-favourite, it’ll be sad to lose someone with such dedication, warmth and enthusiasm for the show.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Peter Capaldi loyalists had better prepare to turn into emotional wrecks when the Twelfth Doctor regenerates into the Thirteenth this Christmas.