Does ‘Schitt’s Creek’ seriously only have one Christmas episode?

Schitt's Creek - Christmas

Schitt’s Creek officially aired its final episode in early April 2020, leaving fans with six incredible seasons to rewatch to their hearts’ content. Thankfully, the series currently exists in its entirety on Netflix, allowing viewers to check in with the Rose family whenever they need a good laugh.

As the Christmas holiday inches closer and fans hunt down seasonal episodes to scratch their festive itches, Schitt’s Creek offers up a single, glorious Christmas episode ⏤ quite literally the only one in all six seasons ⏤ making this particular entry all the sweeter.

“Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose” (Season 4, Episode 13)

Bringing an end to the fourth season of this beloved sitcom is “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose.” The thirteenth episode of the season, it offers up a wonderfully multicultural experience.

A dream recalling the lavish Christmases of the Rose family’s past prompts Johnny to plan a much more modest gathering to celebrate the season. Unlike most Christmas episodes, “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose” has the bonus of including Hanukkah in its celebration, thanks to the religiously split Rose family dynamic.

The usual Schitt’s Creek roadblocks inhibit Johnny’s goal of a perfect family Christmas as David shirks his duties as decorator, Moira complains her way through tree shopping, and Alexis misunderstands her party obligations. The episode flawlessly encompasses the season, perfectly balanced between charming Christmas cheer and the frustrating but hilarious family drama we’ve come to associate with Schitt’s Creek.

It may be the sole Christmas episode in the show’s lineup, but it’s sure to make your holidays merry and bright.